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100% Growth Nu Look
Home Design
In 1 Year

Half Now, Half Never


The Challenge

Nu Look Home Design first approached 澳彩网app下载 to take over their marketing and advertising in December 2017, after parting ways with both their VP of marketing and their former agency partners. Several missteps in their lead generation campaign caused revenue to fall sharply in a year that should have seen extraordinary growth based on the economy and industry benchmarks.

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland with offices in Northern Virginia and New Jersey, Nu Look had quickly established themselves as a dynamic marketing and sales organization in the exterior remodeling industry. They had invested heavily in the people, training, and infrastructure to grow their organization, but had seen their leads and revenue falter just when it should have been taking off.

Solutions Provided

  • Copywriting
  • Design Consulting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Visual Branding

A Laser Focus on Advertising ROI

Our Approach

Starting Over

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2017, we were hired and tasked with taking everything over to get things moving in 2018 – just a few days away. Their two primary lead generation channels had historically been radio advertising and paid search engine marketing, but neither was generating leads at a sustainable level even though they had delivered the results the firm needed in past years.

We started by completely rebuilding the strategy around their radio buys – the stations we were targeting, the frequency and scheduling, the copy, the offers – we put together a completely new buying strategy in addition to ensuring we tracked the number of leads, cost per lead, revenue, and ROI of every station. We worked with Nu Look’s owners to launch new creative that we felt would deliver based on market conditions, the competitive landscape, and the strengths of their brand.

We studied their existing paid search engine campaign structure and targeting, and then rebuilt their Google and Bing paid search campaigns from the ground up in accordance with best practices in campaign structure and targeting. To this day our team continues to monitor and adapt their campaigns based on performance, changes in their business, search volume, and competition.

We’ve done many things for Nu Look Home Design since those early months – created landing pages, improved their local SEO, helped with recruiting campaigns, built trade show displays, launched direct mail campaigns, you name it – but getting back to foundational success in those first few months was the most important thing we could have done, and our work there continues every week to ensure those campaigns are delivering.

What Happened

The Results

If you’re in the roofing or exterior remodeling industry, it’s pretty easy to track the results of your advertising campaigns. It’s either working, or it’s not. We love working with Nu Look and clients like them because we can very quickly see the results of our work. Due to this we’re able to continually try new things, and both agency and Nu Look leadership can clearly see what’s resonating with their audiences and quickly adjust what we’re doing to always keep ROI and lead gen campaigns operating at a high level.

We helped this company return to the fast-growth trajectory they were on prior to 2016/2017, and have built a relationship with them where they trust that we’re operating in their best interests, and are watching the results of our work as closely as they are, on a daily basis, to deliver the best results possible.

By creating shared reporting dashboards using Google Data Studios and Google Docs, we’re able to track weekly results of our campaigns, lead attribution reports, and overall ROI. We were initially tasked to deliver a target 550% ROI for the radio and paid search campaigns. Through the entirety of 2018, we averaged approximately 1,500% weekly ROI.

110% Revenue growth

Year-over-year from 2017 to 2018

Exceeded target ROI by 3x

Exceeded bottom line and top line results

Consistently exceeded lead goals

Created a predictable, scaleable sales model